The goal of the New River Rifles is to present an authentic impression of soldiers while on campaign or in camp. Having been clothed and supplied with items as drawn through the appropriate government depot systems. These can be augmented by items common to the period as procured by either the soldiers themselves or, provided from loved ones at home. 


 In the absence of event requirements that mandate specific uniform standards or items, you should strive to portray the average foot soldier of the Civil War for both Confederate and Federal impressions. Generic, non-descript, and average should be your goal. While a certain amount of individualism is encouraged it should be achieved by making the most of the items issued to you or sent from home. The way you wear your kepi or hat, wearing a civilian shirt as opposed to an issued one or, your favorite vest from civilian life, etc.


 Avoid the temptation of buying uniform items or embellishments that draw attention to yourself. Unless you are portraying J.E.B. Stuart; refrain from wearing hat brass, ostrich plumes or elaborately trimmed uniforms and other gaudy items. These are the trappings of “Farbery” and should be avoided.



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