The New River Rifles portrays the 83rd Penn Infantry as our primary Federal impression. The items listed below are what are required for your Federal Infantry impression. Common items such as shoes and shirts you previously purchased for your Confederate impression will be acceptable for your Federal impression as well.


·         U.S. Sack Coat (Fatigue Blouse), your primary federal coat. Made from medium to dark blue wool flannel with four eagle buttons. While both lined and unlined versions were issued the lined version is recommended as it will offer the best protection from the elements and cold weather.

·         State Jacket, (optional) a waist length jacket similar to a shell jacket. Made from dark blue kersey with 8 to 11 button fronts, either with or without shoulder straps and belt loops depending on state of origin.

·         Enlisted Frock Coat, (optional) the standard coat of the pre-war army and appropriate for early war events. Made from dark blue kersey with a 9 button front and piped in light blue around the collar and cuffs.  

TROUSERS; the required trousers are U.S. Enlisted Infantry (Footman’s) trousers made from sky blue wool kersey. The pre-war regulations called for dark blue kersey trousers and these would be appropriate for early war events or Officer impressions.  


·         U.S. Forage Cap; made from medium to dark blue wool kersey with a black leather visor and chinstrap.

·         McDowell Cap; constructed similar to the standard forage cap with a taller crown and rounded visor.

·         1858 Hardee Hat; the regulation black felt, tall crowned, dress hat to be worn without the regulation hat brass. 

·         Civilian hats; black in color having either high or low crown which may be rounded, flat or telescoped with ribbon around base of crown and brim. Correct period linings are encouraged. 

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